Notes from Mike


By Day

How quickly time passes! Another Christmas season has come and gone and a new year has begun. What will be different about your life by the end of 2013? How will you create a new normal and thrive in the midst of challenging circumstances? (Click on the title above to read more.)
Christmas is almost here! How's your hope level? Your faith? Your love? If you missed any of the messages so far in December, I encourage you to watch or listen the Christmas at Cathedral series in the next few days to prepare your heart for Christmas. I think you'll discover a new level of joy and peace to carry with you through this season and into 2013. (Click on the title above to read more.)
Dean and I wish for you and your family a blessed Christmas season filled with joy beyond your expectations! This Christmas season brings a renewed and elevated sense of thankfulness and gratitude for God allowing us to be a part of such a spectacular and unique Church body. Truly one like I have never been a part of! (Click on the title above to read more.)
With the election behind us, it's time for the church to move forward and do what we've been called and anointed to do - be salt and light to our world. Imagine today's church mobilizing and experiencing what the early church did in Acts 2 (and more). Now that would be world changing! (Click on the title above to read more.)
There's so much to celebrate this week! Hallapalooza, our family fall festival, was amazing. Thank you to everyone who helped with set-up, running game booths and clean up. What a fantastic family night! (Click on the title above to read more.)
It's our privilege to be a church that not only makes a difference in our local community, but also one that partners with others who have tremendous influence and strong ministries in other places around the world....(Click on the title above to read more.)
Thank you to everyone who joined in our 25th Anniversary celebration last weekend. What an amazing time together! Dean and I loved every moment of celebrating with our Cathedral family. We were so surprised and moved by the thank you videos and incredible life change stories. (Click on the title above to read more.)
You're invited to join us this weekend as we celebrate 25 years of doing life together at Cathedral of Praise. You don't want to miss a minute of the service (I'd even suggest coming early!) as we remember some of our favorite moments as a church family, celebrate God's faithfulness over the years, and set our sights on an even greater future!
Don't miss this weekend! If you're ready to be empowered to make a difference, then this is the service for you. That's all I'm going to say for now. You'll just have to experience it for yourself!
Do you believe that your life really matters? That you have the ability to dramatically influence the culture in your area of expertise? That the answers to your questions of identity and worth are answered in who God says you are and what He calls and equips you to do?....(Click on the title above to read more.)
I am so looking forward to being back with you this weekend. Dean and I have had a wonderful summer. We’re refreshed and ready to go into this new season together as a church, especially as we anticipate celebrating Cathedral’s 25th anniversary later this fall....(Click on the title above to read more.)
This weekend we're celebrating the birth of our nation with a very special Fourth of July service. Please don't miss this opportunity to bring your family and friends....(Click on the title above to read more.)