Cathedral Girlfriends

Cathedral Girlfriends is dedicated to the development of women through Biblical teaching, fellowship, and fun. We want women to grow spiritually and emotionally and live with purpose and significance. Cathedral Girlfriends is for all women. You do not need to "join" the group. Simply come to any of events, check us out, and see why so many women feel at home here.

Check back soon for more information on upcoming events.

Cathedral Girlfriends had a wonderful retreat at Kiawah! What a great opportunity for women to get caught up on rest and relaxation, although I don’t think many of us did. Instead, we were busy building new relationships and renewing current ones. It was a great atmosphere of encouragement and fun! If you didn’t get the opportunity to go this year, be sure to plan to go next year!

We taped all of our main and breakout sessions so that you could listen (or listen again) in case you were unable to attend!

Breakout Session Descriptions (click audio messages on the right side menu)

Live to Worship...Worship to Live ~ Ricsha Kinard  

Praise and worship mean so much more than "singing songs" on Sunday morning. We’ll explore expressions of worship (clapping hands, lifting hands, etc.), learn their Biblical foundation, and find out how they can lead us into a more intimate encounter with God. Come discover the power of personal and corporate worship!

#labelqueen ~ Cindy Van Horn                                                           

Labels – we all wear them. Throughout life, we are defined by our roles - what we do or who we are. But we can be our own worst enemy, with our perceptions and thoughts about ourselves creating a wrong identity. Begin to unravel the wrong labels by focusing on God’s truth of who you are. 

In Search of Hidden Treasure ~ Ora Lou Aichele                 

All aboard for a hands-on adventure through Scripture in search of hidden treasure.  Stopping off points include Zeal Hill, Prayer Mountain, Abide Valley, Fruit Farms and more. Gathering nuggets of truth at each station will offer renewed strength, encouragement and joy for our future.

Who Do You Say I Am? ~ Wanda Litchenberg                  

Where do you find your true identity? Who decides what you think about you? Come discover truths that make breaking free from the patterns of people pleasing and perfectionism possible. Get ready to enjoy your life in a whole new way!

Change Ahead ~ Teka Pierce 
You’re going along, living life as usual, when suddenly “it” happens. A new development, an unexpected opportunity, an “ah-ha” moment with God. Now there’s a choice: will I stay on the same path or make the shift and begin a new journey that promises blessings ahead? I hope you will say “yes” to the journey. I’m forever grateful I did.


Fear Fighter ~ Beth Ferguson                                                                     

In 2008, I stopped by a florist shop to pick up a corsage for my son’s prom date. My simple errand went terribly wrong. I was kidnapped, bound, gagged, beaten and locked in a closet. By God’s grace, I escaped my assailant and began the real battle of forgiveness and recovery. God taught me how to overcome my fear and move from victim to victor. Now I’m prepared for anything. You can be, too!

Discovering Your Purpose ~ Linda Rivito                                                     

Purpose, such an exciting yet oft times perplexing and elusive word. We're all on a journey into who God has called us to be. Let's look into God's Word and gather some tools that'll help us in our discovery.

Building Your Faith ~ Sandy Vickers                                               

Do you wonder what it would be like to live with absolute confidence in God? For over 30 years, I’ve experienced firsthand God’s faithfulness through answered prayers. As I’ve grown to trust and rest totally in Him, I expectantly and specifically ask God for what I need, big or small. And, yes, miracles do still happen, everyday!

Turning Battles into Blessings ~ Melissa Gravlee                               

In my journey with God, I’ve experienced the truth of Romans 8:28, that He causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose for them. He transforms our failures and disappointments into blessings as we trust Him and shift our focus to His will, not our own.