Cathedral Preschool Home

Why Christian Education?

What influences the life of a child is too critical to leave to chance. Just think of the hours each day our young people spend in school over 13 years of education. You want that to be in a place where the Word of God is intentionally taught and the name of Jesus can be overtly spoken. Young people are profoundly impacted by the role models and peers that surround them during these formative years. It only makes sense to put them in an environment where policies, programs, and people will build them up in the truth of God's Word.


Cathedral Preschool partners with families to provide a quality academic, Biblically-based education to equip both parents and students to impact their culture for Christ.

School Hours: 
Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 6:00pm

Early Bird Drop-off:
Monday - Friday, 6:30am
(Requires an additional $15 tuition fee)  

School Tours:
Please call 760-1454 to schedule a tour.
Tours offered between 8am -12pm & 3pm -5pm

Contact Preschool Front Desk: 
Please contact our front desk at 760-1454.

3790 Ashley Phosphate Road • Charleston, SC • 843.760.1454 •