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40 Days in The Word - Update

Dear Church Family,

What an amazing time we’ve been having in our 40 Days in the Word series! I trust you’re enjoying this journey of loving, learning and living the transformational truths of the Bible. This weekend we’ll cover our sixth topic, “Integrating God’s Word into My Life.”

One of my favorite parts of this series has been our small group. My sincere thanks to all the hosts and facilitators for making 155 groups possible and opening your hearts and homes to over 1400 people. We’ve heard from many groups that they are just beginning to connect relationally and brainstorm Micah 6:8 project ideas. So, we’ve decided to add another weekend into the series.

That means we’re moving our 40DITW celebration weekend to March 24 & 25. Our Easter services will be just two weeks away, on April 7 & 8. During the one weekend in between, we’ll offer some creative ideas for inviting people to join you for Easter. I promise, you will not want to miss any of these exciting services!

Let me take a moment to revisit small groups. We know that when people do life together, particularly in a small group, that’s when real life change happens. So, we definitely want to keep the momentum going long after this series concludes.

If you’re a current group leader, I encourage you to consider the possibility of continuing your group. Or, you may be attending a group now and want to step up and host your own. Maybe you missed this session of groups due to schedule issues and can’t wait to get involved. We’ll talk about options and new groups starting after Easter in more detail over the next few weekends. For now, begin thinking about how you’d like to be involved.

I so look forward to seeing you this weekend. Until then, I pray you find what you specifically need for each moment in God’s Word: hope, encouragement, comfort, strength, peace, grace, love, joy and so much more.

Doing life together,

Pastor Mike


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