Email of the Week

That's right! We are accepting email of the week videos from all you FUEL goers out there! Think you are up for the challenge? Send us what you've got via one of the three options below and come to FUEL to see if your video was selected! Remember, keep it clean and Rated PG!

Via Facebook
 Are you a Facebook guru/junky who thinks all other social media is lame? A great  way we can view your email of the week video and have others comment on it is  by posting it on the FullyFueled fan page  Invite  your friends to be part of the FullyFueled Community too! 

Via Twitter
 Is tweeting your obsession? Post your email of the week video via Twitter. Don’t  have a twitter account? Go to and click “Sign Up” to get your free  account. Then, follow @FuelMinistry

Via Email 
Prefer to kick it old school? Send us your email of the week video to